The term placebo used to be "an epithet given to every drug prescribed to gratify the patient, not to be useful to him".

This project can be compared to a placebo treatment, meaning that these images aim to gratify the viewer and return straight visual pleasure to him, they don't attempt to be tangibly useful to him or return authentic information through their contents.

As well as a dummy pill is faux, since it doesn't embody any therapy, each image is faux, since it doesn't depict the truth.

As well as a dummy pill is a compound of various substances (natural or synthetic), each image is the result of the coexistence of various shots (digital or analog).

As well as placebo works even if the patient know that he is swallowing nothing else but placebo, the sense of beauty arises even from the experience of something that doesn't exist, because it doesn't directly concern the concept of truth.